HSE Policy

IMS is engaged in : “Provision of Ship Agency & Customs Clearance Services”.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace while protecting the environment from any adverse impact arising from our business processes. To accomplish these objectives, all interested parties shall adhere to the following principles:

Compliance with international standards, federal and local laws, regulatory requirements applicable in the UAE.

Identification and evaluation of Occupational, Non occupational and Environmental risks arise from our work activities and reducing or eliminating them to acceptable levels.

Contribute to climate change initiative by adopting best environmental practices.

Prevention of incidents, injuries, ill health and pollution.

Reduction of waste and conservation of resources.

Provide adequate resources to achieve goals.

Communication and awareness of HSE commitment to all interested parties.

Identify emergency situations and establish preparedness.

Establish HSE Objectives to successfully accomplish strategic goals.

Ensure continual improvement of HSE performance.